Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some morning reading

Let's clear out the inbox:

Bespoke - Nasdaq getting nuked. Too much long, too many on one side of the boat and now it's backing off? I dunno.

BI - Rosenberg on capex upside. He still thinks capex will surprise to the upside. I think we might have to wait til real rates rise, so businesses get the final push out the door.

BNN - interview with Michael Shaoul. Mikey, you look like shit with that beard. Data has been above Fed expectations for a few quarters, so now they want to tighten. And he doesn't see anything which disproves a historical new bull market in the SPY.

Reuters - Indian farmers driven to suicide as hail ruins crops. Winter crops are getting killed here and there. Not good for Indian gold buying. Even worse if the farmers' defaulting loans are gold-backed.

der Spargel - how Moscow is moving to destabilize eastern Ukraine. Some background from closer to ground zero than the ignorant USA.

BBC - how Russia planned Wall Street raid. I wouldn't believe it if the story was printed by the usual suspects, but this is the BBC: apparently Pooty-Poot wanted to chokeslam the S&P during the 2008 financial crisis. Pooty, no wonder everyone hates you.


  1. What is Shaoul doing with his left arm? I know BNN has the hottest newsbabes but jesus man, you're on television!

    1. Let's get this clear: you're accusing Michael Shaoul of telefapping?

    2. I only have circumstantial evidence.