Friday, March 7, 2014

Some morning newsreading

Here's some stuff for the morning:

New Deal Democrat - Feb jobs report was surprisingly decent. Even then, he still worries too much. Grow some balls and buy the S&P, sissy!

Calculated Risk - commentary on the employment report. Bill McBride weighs in with his own opinions.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - the 2007 top versus today. The breadth charts show there is no looming market top. Grow some fucking balls and buy the S&P, sissy!

BI - financials rally as tech takes a step back. Pretty obvious, really; everyone spent the last 6 months buying the QQQ, while financials fell behind. Now other sectors will play catch-up.

Calculated Risk - Fed flow of funds shows household net worth at record high. In case you have any clue how to interpret such a data point.

FT beyond brics - India elections: the market reacts. By going up because GS noted a Modi win is good for India. I'm still sure that you want to sell on the actual election results: India is still a pathetic third-world shithole. It should be a positive input for the gold price in the meantime, though: that is, if only Wall Street Whitey had a fucking clue what drives the gold price.

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