Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some morning news

Here's a little bit of morning news for you:

Mineweb - China doomsayers will be proven wrong. Says the CEO of Vale, who might have a bit of a vested interest. Still, he has a real job, unlike our typical commentator.

Mineweb - gold will continue moving from lower left to upper right. Says Gartman, who at least isn't a permabull on gold.

FT Alphaville - Russian police close Ukrainian candy factory. An illustration of the concept of "uninvestability", a reason why the Russian market can indeed go down below a P/E of 4 - to zero, in fact.

Daily Mail - school in Cornwall bans marking in red ink because it is a "very negative colour". And the school encourages teachers to provide "two or three positive comments" to even the dumbest clod in the class, because it's wrong to tell the stupid that they suck and are inferior.

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