Monday, March 17, 2014

Some morning news for you

Let's clear some stuff out of my mailbox while I've got some spare time:

Philosophical Economics - the US market is expensive, and it should be. Read it and you might learn something.

FT Alphaville - in Putin's Russia, risk prices you! Risk repricing is an important basic function of markets that must always be kept in mind, sure; but I'm linking to this article because of the clever Yakov Smirnoff title. I say! Very witty, Mister Cotterill!

Mineweb - RBC Capital Markets analyst steals all my blog ideas, turns them into a bullish gold forecast. Thanks for the shout-out, asshole. You could at least pay me back for all my work with free access to your client research site or something. By the way, you should also tell your readers to beware the possibility that China flushes several thousand tons of gold in their coming credit apocalypse, or that India has a drought this year that destroys demand.

New Deal Democrat - on Kondratiev cycles. I do really think it's an interesting and vaguely valid idea: society is most vulnerable to the problems of which it no longer has any first-hand experience, and that's why you get long-period cycles of different types of market behaviour. However, I still think NDD's come down with the rabies, and am about to unsubscribe from the blog, because of his recent posts about the Malaysian airliner, because:

Stonekettle Station - the Malaysian airliner has crashed, quit being a bunch of fruitcakes. He really is from the Navy, he really does have experience hunting for downed aircraft, and so I'll accept without reservation his opinion that the plane simply went down, and it's just very difficult and costly to find a downed plane in several hundred thousand square miles of ocean.

No the Malaysian airliner isn't hidden somewhere being turned into a weapon of mass destruction. Partially because Islamic terrorists are too dumbass stoopid to know how to do something like that. Lay off the coke and come back to reality.

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  1. I want a Malaysian airliner daddy and I want it NOW! - Veruca