Monday, March 31, 2014

Some more significant data that are written about by the media

Here's more news:

Bespoke - bulls step up. Seems like today is the beginning of that. And leave it to the Bespoke guys to utterly cut the crap and focus on what counts:
March has been a month of rotation out of what had been working into what had not been working. As we head into April, the big question is whether this shift is a short-term mean reversion trade or the start of a longer-term trend.
You've simply been seeing rotation. Quit freaking out. This means you, sissy Josh Brown.

Reuters - US funds raise cash stakes. Why? Why is that a good idea right now?
"What we're seeing is that more investors are taking risk off the table. I know I am," said Alan Gayle, a fund manager at RidgeWorth Investments, who oversees approximately $400 million in assets.
Alan Gayle, maybe the reason you only manage $400M is because you're a moron. You don't take risk off the table at the start of a secular bull market in US equities.

Bespoke - gasoline rising, but less than normal. Lower gas prices means more money in consumers' pockets for other things. Quit being a pussy, Josh.

FT Alphaville - Mick Davis from X2 will begin buying small miners now. Far as I'm concerned, the better play is gold and silver long-term, not the base metals. Inaccessible capital has driven feasible PM projects down to a value of ~$0.

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