Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quick news: not going to PDAC

Sorry all, but I got offered a turkey dinner to not go to PDAC on Sunday.

I have my priorities straight, unlike you dumbasses, so I guess you'll have to get your newsletter writers' reviews from someone else.

Be sure to heckle these clowns and keep them honest!

I'm sure Daniela Cambone and Vanessa Collette will interview the guys worth interviewing, but if they're not sure, here's the list to remind them:

John Kaiser
Lawrence Roulston
The Cookie Monster
Eric Coffin
and Pierre Lassonde


  1. Danielle watch: She entered the building at 12:40. She's seated at a desk near me. I thought you'd want to know

  2. So wait, are we not drinking now??

    1. I'm hurt. Not even interested in a free beer??l

      That might make you the worst PDAC attendee (OK, this year, non-(attendee) ever.

    2. Nothing in life is free, son.

      It costs me money to get to Toronto.

      And I care enough about your shareholders that I don't want them saddled with the expense of my drinking.