Monday, March 31, 2014

Lana Del Rey video marathon day #5: Ride

I guess Bob Lefsetz wouldn't be impressed by me saying "here's a Lana Del Rey song that Suicide and The Jesus & Mary Chain both wish they'd have written", or me pointing out she gave Portishead a run for their money with the Great Gatsby song, because it's not as if any of them are popular or anything. No, just insanely influential people who changed the course of music.

So fine, Bob. Here's a song that Johnny Cash would have wished he had written, when he was alive, at least before he decided to turn into a hermit:

Oh and by the way, Bob. Production is a good thing. Production makes a song worth listening to - something I wish there was a fuck of a lot more of in your shitty US Billboard Hit 100, instead of payola and college-level audio work.

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