Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lana Del Rey video marathon begins!

Well, the US market seems to be in a process of correcting. It'll probably take til spring earnings before everyone stops being a fucking pussy.

And the gold miners seem done like dinner - they've had their pop, now we'll watch Brent Cook's long drawn-out bottom play for the rest of 2014. If gold can't fight back on Indian election news, it certainly won't do well during the Indian drought this summer.

I guess I could post about European markets, but nobody gives a shit, so really what is there left for me to talk about on this blog?

So, let's have another video marathon - this one with Lana Del Rey.

This is inspired by that little bitch Bob Lefsetz, who called Lana "over" upon her disastrous SNL appearance. He proved he was a deaf mongoloid when he seriously conjectured that Miley Cyrus' cover of "Summertime Sadness" was actually better than Lana's.

What's happened since then? Lana's already sold out her spring tour. Apparently Miley has a tour too, where we all hear she's appearing as a parody of herself - apparently there's a Giant Miley Tongue, a Singing Vagina, and my god why am I even talking about this? Seriously Bob, which of these two singers is an embarrassment now?

Bob Lefsetz also called Lana a manufactured artist, which is funny considering Miley Cyrus had her own TV show on Disney, her dad was a famous country singer, and her granddad was a Kentucky politician. She has all that and has to resort to self-parody to keep her career going for another six months.

But I guess Lefsetz hates the idea of an artist who carve out a career on the internet. Technology's too threatening to him. He's probably more interested in someone who resorts to getting tabloid press by flinging poop like a monkey.

So, here's Lana Del Rey singing "Young and Beautiful". Listen to it and try to imagine someone with no class singing it, like Miley Cyrus. You can't. Because it's more of a Beth Gibbons sound, it's actually got class.


  1. I have recently discovered your blog and would like to let you know that it has quickly become one of my favorite daily reads. I originally began reading for your commentary on the mining sector, but I find myself returning for the humor. Your post on the 2015 Casey Cruise was one of the funniest things I have ever read.

  2. My humour is better and more useful than my commentary on the mining sector.

    1. I would agree. I hope you bought the dip in $SVLC. Many of the jr.'s appear to be carving out a bottom. Traditionally, the bottoming process is drawn-out affair and volatility is high, but at these prices it seems reasonable to assume that there is greater upside potential than downside.

    2. I like SVLC but refuse to buy anything until it's above its short EMA.

      I am happy to own miners when they are going up; but given the possible downside risk to metals from a possible secular bear in commodities, if I am going to own a stock that might goes sideways for months, it's going to be a US banking ETF.

      SVLC is 10 cents below its EMA(16) right now, and 30 cents below its Bollinger mean. So heck, sure, I could buy it just to play a one-week rebound in the miners. I just don't know if that's coming yet.