Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy International Day of Happiness Day! Be happy today and today only!

Apparently today is the International Day of Happiness.

It is celebrated worldwide by going to some stupid website established by the frickin' lizard people at the United Nations, where you're supposed to stare at a fucking two-colour screen designed by Kraftwerk or something, I dunno, it does nothing, I have no fucking clue what the point of it is.

And why is it today? To steal the people's holiday of the spring equinox and bring it under the domination of the parasitic rentier class of the kleptocratic elite. The same people who destroy our happiness by declaring wars, taking away our rights, perverting capitalism into slavery, and enforcing Chicago School economics are the same ones who now assert for themselves the right to define when and how we the disposeable peasantry can be happy.

So let's all be happy today! Your leadership demands it!*

We'll end with an appropriate image from Counterschwa:

* - Of course, finding happiness through the extermination of the parasitic ruling class is not encouraged.

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