Thursday, March 20, 2014

Discover Magazine's interactive map of regional American language dialects

Discover Magazine - Soda or pop? Maps show Americans' colourful dialect differences.

I'm linking to this for the "analyst" out there who once spent two weeks in the US getting drunk and thinks that therefore he's some sort of expert on regional differences in America.

So for example, in Mississippi every kind of carbonated beverage is a coke, in central Kentucky they still use "you all" instead of the more proper "y'all", in North Dakota dinner and supper are two different meals, for some reason both Wisconsin and Rhode Island have a thing called a "bubbler", South Dakota is the only state with "rummage" sales, In rural Alabama the devil beats his wife (prolly cuz he wants to fit in), and strangely nobody has heard of the term "wood louse".

And so on. Check it out.


  1. it was at least three weeks. And the beer sucked.

    1. Of course it did. And don't get me started on American "cheese".

  2. And they drive on the wrong side of the road.