Friday, March 21, 2014

Darn migraine thing, and comment on Osisko and the impending dooooom of the junior miners or not

I've got a scintillating scotoma again, so I dunno how much I'll be accomplishing on the blog today. It's only just now spread out far enough that I can see what I'm typing.

Wonder if I've got some sort of brain disease? The last time I had this the "migraine" that followed was nearly imperceptible. I felt a bit stuffy and doped up and weak, and had a short temper, and wasn't hungry, that's all there was. For about a day or so. No crushing head pain at all.

There's apparently a thing called acephalgic migraine so maybe that's what I have. But it's a bit late in life to be coming down with this, no?

Oh look, gold's up to $1340. I wonder if it'll pop back up when option expiry passes?

We also have PS Dave wondering if the juniors will collapse if Goldcorp withdraws their offer for Osisko on Monday. IKN insists that there's no chance in hell of Goldcorp walking away from the deal. In fact, from the comments section, I quote: "No way does GG walk away from OSK. No way in the world."

That's the guy at IKN, so he's the guy to blame if his prediction fails and the juniors collapse.

For what it's worth, I don't see how the market wouldn't know if the deal was falling through by now; insider info seems to flow through the gold miner world like American beer through one's urinary tract.

So maybe everything recovers starting today or Monday, and we can go back to making big money on the juniors?

We'll see.

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