Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The only thing worse than being talked about is being talked about unsatisfyingly

Someone on twitter - are you IWNATTOS?

Every time there's a scathing indictment, people compare it to me.

If I'm the standard by which scathing indictments are measured, I guess I should finally write that novel.

Too bad the novel in question is a twisted science-fiction investigation of existential dread and not anything remotely scathing.


  1. Can I use the Chewbacca defense?

    And wait did you just call me unsatisfying?

    Something something your mom something something.

    1. Is this better?


      *Oh come on, you won't let me just insert images inline?

  2. Are we getting drunk during PDAC or what?

    1. Are you paying? I'll probably have lunch at Hoops, probably after Roulston and before Jojo. Unless I get into Toronto late, in which case it'll be between Cookie and Coffin. Then again maybe I'll just go get some street meat at the south entrance - I learn more by chatting with people in the smoking area.

      So in any case, you can pay if you want.

    2. Wait, I thought they didn't let geos go to PDAC. I thought it was only for IR & CEO scum.

      Yah I googled you.

    3. Whoops... I checked out the charts for the MWC companies, and now I realize you probably won't be buying me beer. :-)

    4. Haha, first one is on me.

      Shoot an email: cooper at cooperquinn dot com

      I don't get in till Sunday afternoon. Out wednesday night.

    5. And if geos didn't come, who would tell the IR guys they weren't qualified to use any of the technical jargon they read out of the ppt, and were spouting BS?

    6. What? You tell them that?

      Even more surprising - do they listen?!?

    7. Its fun. Suit up, let them babble at you, and then eventually they ask "so what do you do?".

      "Oh, I'm a geo."

      Then you get to watch the blood drain from their faces as they realize you didn't buy any of what they just tried to sell. And that they used all the big shiny words wrong.