Monday, February 17, 2014

Opinions on PDAC speaker list

OK, again just for reference, this is Sunday at PDAC:

Except it seems Rick Rule has bumped Mickey and is now in the 2:05 spot.

I want to see Roulston, maybe Jojo, Kaiser, Cookie, Coffin and Adrian Day. Problem with Coffin is that I'll have to squeeze past Rick Rule's Jovian ego just to get into the room. I'm sure the room will be full of fanbois for Ricky.

Any of these other guys worth seeing at all? I think I haven't heard of Garrett Goggin, Mike Berry, Chris Berry and Grant Williams. The rest I already have opinions of and won't waste my time seeing in any case.

Though I might just stick around to heckle James West about Liberty Silver, if one of you guys offers to get me drunk.

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