Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Now here is an interesting junior miner chart

Take a look at this:

I know nothing whatsoever about them. With that in mind, I find it interesting that this stock is at its high from 2 years ago, instead of down 90% like a proper junior would be.

Also, I wonder what the fuck kind of target you would put on a breakout of $2.80? On a linear chart, I guess the target would be $4.60. But I thought you're supposed to do targets logarithmically, and in that case this would go to $10.

I have no clue and am not recommending this stock. It's just nice to see one junior that is looking up.

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  1. Decided to buy a junior mining UPWARD momentum play, for a change, and purchased some Probe a couple of weeks back. It's since retreated to my entry point, but I like the story and the cash. Wrote a bit about it here: