Friday, February 7, 2014

A quiz on the legend of Brent Cook

I wonder what Cookie has to say about Anglo Ashanti's new reef boring technology?

Anyway, he's making a lot of appearances doing the old "intro to explorecos" thing again. It must be the beginning of a new cycle. For example:

Mineweb - Brent Cook on what to look for ahead of a bull market in 2015.

Also, according to this article, Cookie is now legendary. I knew this already, but did you? Here's a short quiz on the Brent Cook legend for y'all:

Question 1. In whose people's legends does Brent Cook appear?

(A) the Ulch people of the Russian far east
(B) the Dja Dja Wurrung people of southeastern Australia
(C) the Mbanderu people of Namibia
(D) the Soda Springs people of Idaho

Question 2. For what is Brent Cook legendary?

(A) successfully protecting a village from an army of wolves possessed by evil spirits
(B) spending a thousand years walking through the outback aiding lost children
(C) composing spiritual music for noseflute and xylophone
(D) spending a fortune on snooty foreign whiskey

Question 3. how does Brent Cook typically appear in the legends?

(A) wearing a full outfit of white caribou furs
(B) wearing a kangaroo-skin loincloth and carrying a shining gold boomerang
(C) butt nekkid, wearing blue body paint, and carrying a ten foot long spear
(D) butt nekkid and throwing up in an alley behind the strip club

Question 4. What is Brent Cook's legendary power?

(A) the ability to summon and command grizzly bears
(B) the knowledge of all stories ever told since the beginning of time
(C) full and absolute control of time, space, matter and energy
(D) the ability to spend a fortune on snooty foreign whiskey in Soda Springs and always somehow end up butt nekkid and throwing up in an alley behind the strip club

No cheating, now. I'll give you the answers tomorrow.


  1. 4xD.

    Brent also played a minor role in Gus Van Sant's movie My Own Private Idaho, which is often forgotten when his legendary status is discussed.

  2. He is also "The most interesting man in the World" (Dos Equis).