Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A great internet utility page for you

If you're scum like me, you tend to get IP-banhammered from sites regularly. For legitimate reasons.

So how can I tell if a website is actually down, or they've just banninated my IP?

Sure, I could go to work and try the site from there, but how often do I ever really show up at work? Fuck that shit, they pay me to stay away. Plus, the website might have banhammered my entire international corporation too. You can never be sure.

Sure, I could try releasing IP and cycling my modem to snatch a new IP address, but it doesn't seem to work that well now that my provider has snagged sufficient new blocks. I need to shut off my modem for days to cycle to a new IP assignment, and that means no porn and no Ke$ha videos so fuck that shit.

So here's a little utility site I just stumbled across:


You type in the URL, and it tells you whether the site is down for everyone, or just you.

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