Friday, January 24, 2014

Your Friday newsbundle

Here is some information worth ruminating on this afternoon:

Ritholtz - look out below! Ritholtz chides the people who are wailing at the collapse of the S&P 500, forgetting that he himself was one of the whiny doomers as recently as yesterday afternoon.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - the worst day of 2014. He's happy to add at lower levels. I expect everyone else will be too, as long as they're not piddling themselves over a meaningless frontier markets currency collapse.

Bespoke - still a textbook start to 2014. Bespoke asks, "why did you guys not expect a pullback in January?"

Rhodium Group - understanding China's 2014 interbank squeeze. Very long article that I didn't read.

Data Dive - Argentina leads the EM bloodbath. Nice that it's only taken a day for this to be called a "bloodbath". Hey, do you think Argentina can single-handedly destroy the US economy? - Barrick recalculates reserves based on $1100 gold. Just like that, a whole pile of future gold production has vanished, Mr. Wall Street Whitey.

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