Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday news, and a surprise exhibitor at VRIC

Here's some stuff to waste time fretting about:

Pragmatic Capitalism - when will corporate profit margins contract? The answer is, don't hold your breath waiting. It may take a while.

Bonddad - the last time rates got this low it wasn't "different this time". He disagrees with me, and thinks even mildly rising rates might kill the US recovery. OK, he's smart so I'll keep his warning in mind. Still, what about the coming capex explosion?

FT beyond brics - three ways that the upcoming Indian elections don't matter. I guess all three are positive for gold, though I don't hold out much hope for any of them. Aadhar, in particular, takes money from the bandit-class Indians who have been stealing people's social welfare payments to the tune of 10% of India's GDP: I doubt that'll be allowed to happen!

The Money Illusion - the problem in China is easy credit, not easy money. For all your China dooooom needs.

FT Alphaville - a trust product test case in China. Again, China dooooom.

Chronicles of Brodrick - 10 reads on gold. Various factoids that will mostly serve to confuse you and take your eye off the ball. For example, you shouldn't care at all about US gold coin sales; American demand is a rounding error in the grand scheme of things.

Yahoo Finacne - Naturally Splendid to attend VRIC. That sure is a nice name for a junior miner, no? "Our latest drill results were, as you'd expect, naturally splendid! A-hahaha!" Um, but it's not a junior miner:
Naturally Splendid markets its "NATERA™" line of hemp-based superfood products to a retail network of stores across Canada including major national retailers and specialty stores. Naturally Splendid's recently rebranded "NATERA™" line of products includes plain and flavored shelled hemp seeds and plain and flavored hemp protein powders.
And they'll be attending VRIC.

Frankly, I know there's snark material here, but I'm suffering writer's block. I probably should have left this story for Permashave Dave. Possible angles include "you'd have to smoke pot to go to VRIC" and "maybe starving retail investors can hit them up for a free meal"*.

And FYI, the Cookie Monster will be at VRIC:
Brent will be speaking at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference: Sunday morning panel at 9:30; a workshop Sunday at 2pm; and a keynote, Monday at 4pm.
Betcha I know whose booth he's going to visit first!

* - I had hemp scones in Amsterdam. Very tasty, and incredibly filling. No they don't get you high.


  1. Maybe Investors can hit the bong before ffeJ Berwick talks.

    He always looks pretty baked and talks a great conspiracy story.

  2. I won't make it there until Monday, not wasting a Sunday down there