Sunday, January 26, 2014

The PDAC newsletter writers' list is up

So PDAC put up the newsletter writers' schedule for Sunday, but in a difficult to use format.

So here's an easier format:

Roulston at 9:55 is a perfect time to come rolling in to PDAC. Finally they scheduled him at a time when I can see him.

I guess I'll go see Jojo at 11:35 (even though he hates me now), and then stay for Kaiser at noon. Cookie at 12:50 means I get a smoke break between the two... and holy shit, look at that! The only two newsletter writers worth seeing are scheduled right next to each other!

And both over lunchtime, which kinda sucks. So I guess I'll have to leave after Roulston, get an early lunch (probably won't be much of a rush at all at 10:30 on a Sunday), and then come back for Kaiser & Cookie.

After that, I wouldn't normally see Mickey Fulp again, since his talks usually devolve into rapid-fire "name a stock and I'll give you a 2-second opinion". I might see him since he's right before Eric Coffin (who I definitely want to see), but right after Coffin is Adrian Day, and I'd like to see him again so I can look at his presentation with a more critical eye.

I think it's lame that they still allow the Liberty Silver Sucker Brigade to talk at PDAC, when they could get someone more intelligent and worthwhile. Like Sean Brodrick. Or me. Or even Jeff Berwick. If you go to see Handwerger or Westie, make sure you spend their entire presentation shouting "Liberty Silver was a pump & dump" over and over again at the top of your lungs, m'kay?

Anyway, Adrian Day's done at 3:20, which means I can leave and get back home at a decent time. Nice!

Thank you to the PDAC schedulers for putting together a schedule that finally works for me. Now if only you can fix the trainwreck that is Tuesday!

I'll probably try to record some of the talks, but we'll have to see how it goes. The mining company presentations are a lot easier to record, since you're in a smaller room with no people and can put your recorder right up against the PA speaker; the Smelly Investor Room at PDAC is a different kettle of fish altogether.

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