Sunday, January 26, 2014

Something has been bugging me in the stats for weeks

And this has really been bugging me. A post of mine from a year ago has steadily been in the 5 most popular on this blog for about the past month. And it's nothing to do with Mila Kunis, even.

Me - peak gold and the USGS 2013 report.

Why are people still interested in reading this post from a year ago?


  1. Don't know if this is true for everyone, but when I do a google search using usgs 2013 report gold, your post isn't the top one, but is on the first page. Probably because all terms are in your title.

    1. So I'm doing a good job with blog titles? Well, that's a good thing to know.

      I wonder how I'm doing on google searches for Mila Kunis.

      I wonder if Google diddles their search results to make Google-related sites (like Blogger) come up higher?