Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some alien news

Still reeling about those alien revelations from Paul Hellyer?

Here's some news to ground you:

Calculated Risk - December ADP was good. But:
ADP hasn't been very useful in directly predicting the BLS report on a monthly basis, but it might provide a hint. The BLS report for December will be released on Friday.

BI - retail sales surge in Europe. Highest retail sales growth in 12 years!

FT Alphaville - Eurozone sovereign convergence redux. Looks like nobody's worried about Europe anymore. Italian and Spain 10Y yields are firmly below 4%, by the way.

FT beyond brics - biting the bullet in China. Andy Xie on the Chinese program to reform their economy.


  1. Ritholtz on goldbugs:

    Comments on the "narrative".