Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Morning news: B2Gold is fantastic and The Clive is a god among men

Yahoo Finacne - B2Gold achieves awesomeness, 2014 outlook provides more awesomeness in future.

$544M revenue and 2013 cash costs of $675, for a company with a $1.69B market cap? That look good to you?

If not, how about after you add in an extra 140koz/y by 2015 at Otjikoto?

And how about giving a premium to B2's price because its management have proven themselves to be more brilliant than anyone else in mining? I mean, they've actually accreted value for shareholders over the past two years, while all the other miners were writing down their worthless assets.

Know what? Let's worship The Clive some more:

"Why yes, I really am that awesome. Why do you ask?"


  1. Great news for B2 so of course it's selling down. Looks like things are getting back to normal. If RIO does the same thing when they release their numbers it'll just be confirmation.

    1. Or maybe people sold on the news, scared to hold RIO for another day, fearful of a rush for the exits. Like what's happened over the past year.

      Except this time, there are more sellers than buyers.

  2. From the news release that you are linking to:

    "Based on the positive drill results from the Wolfshag zone to date, the Company plans to expand the Otjikoto Mine in 2015, increasing ore throughput from 2.5 million tonnes per year to 3 million tonnes. The increased throughput will be achieved through the installation of a pebble crusher, additional leach tanks and mining equipment at a total cost of approximately $15 million. Once the expansion is completed at the end of 2015, annual gold production from the main Otjikoto pit would increase to approximately 170,000 ounces."

    So it is 170k rather than 140k, let's adore The Clive even more.

    I'll leave the Wolfshag jokes to you.

  3. Jesus....Fuck...you are starting to sound worse than Rick Rule and his buddy Friedland...