Friday, January 10, 2014

IKN goes way outside his field of competence, really drops the ball

For those of you from foreign countries who feel the need to comment on Canadian society, here's a short video shot in an actual Tim Horton's (I can tell) which will help you understand:

Notice that a Tim Horton's contains donuts and coffee.

No hamburgers.

They do sell sandwiches, but nobody of any consequence buys them. Oh and some might also have cakes, and there are cans of coffee, and okay maybe some pastries like croissants and shit.

But a Tim Horton's is donuts and coffee.

Also, Jessica Holmes is hot.

So you stick to what you're good at, and I won't write an analysis piece on mining reforms in Columbia in 2014 under president Maduro, okay?


  1. Alwasy fresh....not really (

    ...and white chicks working at Timmys?...Not here in Lululand

  2. "...stick to what you're good at..."

    Drinking pisco?