Friday, January 10, 2014

Cookie monster on Kitco News

No, it's not Daniela.

She'd rather interview people like Jim Wyckoff (who is calling a US market top and is therefore an idiot), James Turk (who says there's no US economic recovery and is therefore either wilfully blind to economic data or too incompetent to interpret it), and Greg Weldon (who says the Federal Reserve don't know what they're doing, which makes you wonder why Greg Weldon is a lowly commodity trader getting interviewed on YouTube while Janet Yellen is running the largest central bank in the history of the world).

So we're stuck with watching Alex Letourneau interviewing the Cookie Monster, which I guess is okay if you're a chick and you find these two guys attractive. Or, hey, maybe also if you're gay, NTTAWWT.

But neither of them rock my world so I didn't really pay attention much.

Cookie's optimistic about 2014, which is good considering he called the top in paper back in 2011.

He's not all-knowing, cos he still doesn't have a good explanation for China; but he still makes me want to go and stack more phyzz.

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  1. Daniela's bosses at goldnut central pick her interview subjects. The doooom angle has to be present in all cases.