Friday, January 17, 2014

Being disgusted by the BCSC is catching

I was poking through my blog stats and saw someone linked to one of my posts.

Going over to read the blog, turns out he's also disgusted by the BCSC's attack on Alfred Little:

Glenn Chan's Random Notes on Investing - he is disgusted by the BCSC.

In particular, he makes a point about the subjective wording of a few of the allegations in the BCSC notice of hearing. I still think that this could be explained if Chinese government officials had passed on allegations that originated from Silvercorp themselves. Certainly I'd be shocked if I read that Chinese agents handed the BCSC or the RCMP a copy of the contents of the computer equipment that the Chinese police confiscated from Huang Kun.

This is a damn gimme of a story for Peter Koven, Mark MacKinnon, Cecilia Jamasmie, Derrick Penner et al.

Who knows, maybe Jon Carnes is guilty as shit? We'll have to see. I'm still open-minded. But I keep suspecting that there's something more sinister going on.

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