Saturday, September 14, 2013

Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball", with commentary

So, for the hell of it all, here's the video for Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball":

Some important notes:

1. She's either in her undies or naked for the whole video. However, she does keep her safety boots on, which is good because she's obviously in a construction zone. You might niggle "where's the hardhat", but frankly I've always felt they're over-rated: if something hits you on the head, you're going to get a compressed neck fracture anyway. Assemble your own hardhat and you realize it's a fucking joke that you'd ever rely on something like that.

2. The song sucks.

3. WH&S would probably give her a hard time indeed about licking a sledgehammer; however, since it's a metaphor for oral sex, we'll let it go.

4. That cinder block wall looks over 8 ft high. So it's a good thing you're knocking the fucking thing down because for something that size, you really should have used cast-in-place with rebar, and if not a footing then at least dowels into the floor. Free-standing cinder block & mortar that high is just a deathtrap. Who the hell stamped the drawings for that?

5. Back to the sledgehammer. Since it's a metaphor for oral sex, Miley should grow her hair out. Having that hairdo on the end of my dick would make me feel like I'm on the down-low.

6. You don't use a wrecking ball to take down cinder block wall. You use a sledgehammer. The cost of getting a crane in there is much higher than the labour necessary to take it down by hand. Of course, then that would mean she'd have to rename her song "Sledgehammer", and that's taken.

7. Wrecking balls also aren't for riding on, Miley. But since you're doing it in the context of rubbing your bare clitoris against the chain, we'll let it go.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Another cartoon about libertarians

Another dig at libertarians:

As an aside, about this whole NSA surveillance thing....

So apparently the NSA has a gigantic surveillance system where they read all the internet and cell traffic all around the world. And apparently they're not limiting surveillance to "terrorists": they're also monitoring foreign heads of state in the EU and Brazil, among other places.

Now, here's the thing.

If I'm a US agent, and I go to (say) Russia to place monitoring equipment in the office of V.V. Putin, and I get caught, I'm guilty of being a foreign espionage agent. That's a crime and Russia will dole out some pretty nasty spanky-bum-bum on my sorry ass.

Now. Let's say I'm a US agent, and instead I simply go over to Russia and hack into the local cell towers, and the internet backbone routers that carry Putin's email, and set up some microwave relays. Again, I'm guilty of being a foreign espionage agent. I don't have to place a radio relay in his office to be a spy.

Now. Let's say I'm an employee of Google, Facebook, Cisco, Verizon or whoever else. The NSA comes to me and asks me to hack into Putin's email, from the comfort of my office in Cupertino, and set up a bot that forwards all traffic to their data centre in Utah.

Since I'm doing the work a spy asked me to, I'm still an "agent". When you work for a foreign spy, you are an "foreign agent" - that's the definition of the term. So I'm still performing espionage.

If I go on vacation to Russia, why shouldn't the FSB pick me up and lock me away in a cell for a nice spell of non-consensual cock & ball torture? In this scenario, I'm still a foreign espionage agent. I still have information that the FSB will consider valuable, and I've performed material acts against the Russian state.

Do any of the fucking clowns at Google, Facebook, Cisco, Verizon and so on understand that they are now foreign espionage agents? Do they understand that, for their own good, they have to make sure that they never ever travel to a hostile country? Do they understand that they put their own foreign employees in those countries in tremendous danger?

After all, normal espionage agents are difficult to track down; they have a "cover" (their real life), they don't walk around with "I'm a fucking espionage agent of the US government" tattooed on their fucking foreheads.

But if you go to Russia, it's damn easy for the FSB to look up who your employer is. If you're working for Google, Facebook, Cisco, Verizon and so on, then you're pretty much automatically either an agent for the US, or you know people who are.

And if this is such a big deal for the governments of China, Russia, Brazil and other non-puppet-states (because of course Germany, France and England don't give a shit, they suck America's cock for free), then why don't they make apparent their displeasure by simply raiding (for example) the Google Moscow office and arresting all the employees under "conspiracy to commit espionage" and (in the case of citizens) "conspiracy to commit treason"?

Brazil and China, especially, are whining about how they are going to shut down all American internet/communications businesses in their own countries and only use domestic manufacturers from now on. I guess they're trying to make a point.

But a much stronger point would be made if they simply rounded up every single employee of each of these companies that are involved in US espionage, and took them away to secret prisons for a few months of electroshock and psychological torture.

I guess China, Russia and so on have fallen for the same psychological error that we in the West do: that a "corporation" is an independent entity, and that the people who work for that "corporation" are not responsible for anything that the "corporation" does.

In reality, if I'm a dictator in a totalitarian country, I shouldn't be tricked by this whole "corporation" meme. If I go and arrest a few thousand employees, at a minimum I'll find a couple people who do have sufficient knowledge about US espionage in my country for me to profit from the venture.

Even better, maybe with enough torture and brutality, I can turn half of these employees into agents for my state. That's even better! Now they can give me a phone call whenever they find out they're tapping my comms.

Yes, I'm being absolutely serious.

When you work for a spy, you are an agent; you are performing espionage. It is a crime. Vicious, nasty things happen to you, because you have no protection under the law.

Even if you're doing nothing more than providing your second-floor front room as an observation point for US agents interested in someone across the road, that's enough in many countries for you to get tortured to death, for your entire family to get tortured to death, for all the neighbours on your street to get tortured to death, and for everyone you've ever associated with to get tortured to death. The gloves come off when a state is dealing with spies in its midst. That is why spies try very hard not to get caught.

And the fucking clowns at Google, Facebook, Cisco, Verizon and so on should have thought about what the fuck they were doing before they decided to commit espionage against foreign governments.

And I whole-heartedly encourage the governments of Russia, China, and every other nasty state out there to treat this NSA bullshit for what it is - espionage - and to treat every employee of any of these companies as foreign esionage agents. No, really.

It's fun to be a smart-ass little hacker, fucking around with other countries' shit. Until you travel to that country, or one of its allies or puppet states.

Don't ever approach espionage with a lackadaisical attitude. You're putting yourself, your family and your associates at risk if you pull this shit.

And don't ever, ever, ever think your company is going to bail you out. It's not like they're going to hire a hundred Blackwater mercenaries to storm a secret prison in Northeast Siberia just to save your pathetic life.

A libertarian cartoon

Cartoons that make fun of libertarians are funny. Here's one:

Friday videos - Chvrches

For some reason, at least 3 people in Scotland have started making electropop.

And when a Scottish girl says "I'll be a thorn in your side til you die", she's not being Morrissey. Walk away quickly in the other direction.

Brought to you by Pretivm Resources.

"Pretivm: We're Not The Only People In The World Who Think A Roman 'V' Is Cool Anymore."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not going to Cambridge House tomorrow

I've got to send some transcripts off to the PEO and OACETT, and I've got to go get my foot looked at, and probably other stuff too - e.g. it would be a nice cool day to mow the lawn if only I could walk without pain.

So I'm not going to go to that Cambridge House thing on Friday. Boo hoo!

I'm sure that Tommy Humphreys and Daniela Cambone have nothing better to do than to go there and interview the usual suspects, so I'll post the youtube videos up when they become available.

Note to Tommy and Daniela: skip those clowns Calandra, Katusa, Casey and so on. The people you need to interview are Eric Coffin and Lawrence Roulston.

The only serious mining company that's going to be there is Argonaut, but if all they have there is IR you can probably give them a pass.

If you swing by the Stockhouse booth, ask them why they want to piss everyone off by acting like fucking cunts from 1994, forcing pop-under ads on everyone who goes to their idiot fucking website.

Eric Sprott himself might be a good interview for you, but don't waste time on drones like Franklin. There's a reason Franklin looks like a naive 13-year-old.

Oh god, I just looked at his resume - he's got a BA in Economics from Laurier. That's not even a real school!

And please stay the hell away from Mises Canada.

Evening news

Here's some stuff and junk and stuff.

Bespoke - Jobless claims drop to lowest level since 2006. Is that the reason to sell off gold? Because Michael Shaoul says:

Michael Shaoul - initial claims W/E Sept 6th. "The degree of distortion is revealed by the NSA reading which was 228.4K, the lowest reading for any single week since September 2000. In other words this report is too good be true, which is not the same as saying that there is no improvement in the underlying data." The data was messed up and you can't read anything into this report.

BI - 1987 stock market comparisons. The 1987 crash happened in 2012, 2011 and 2010 as well! Wait... it didn't? Well, it's gotta happen this year then!

Bloomberg - are emerging markets entering a lost decade? People either forget, or attempt wilful ignorance in the face of overwhelming data, that when US yields go up, capital turns its back on debt-addicted EMs. It happened before and it'll happen again.

WSJ China Realtime - power consumption in China is up. China however doesn't have to collapse with the other EMs.

FT Alphaville - Gold surplus, no more Indian buying. Izabella Kaminska is just goading, here, with some help from perennial gold bears (and clueless morons who think gold has anything to do with US home prices) SocGen. She also takes India's official gold import data seriously, which takes wilful ignorance on a vast scale, and even suggests China will ban imports if "their currency is threatened by outflows", which is simply asinine. No, she's simply trying to goad you goldbugs into a lather. Izabella Kaminska is revealed to be the Whore of Babylon.

Permashave Dave - a message for the center of the universe. I guess that makes me Azathoth? Anyway, Hathaway is entirely correct, and it's simple: gold is an asset class that exists outside the financial system. GLD is not gold. GLD has counterparty risks that gold doesn't.

Shocking truth about the real mastermind behind 9/11

I just stumbled across this picture last night, and I need to put it up on this blog to make sure the truth gets out.

It had nothing to do with "terrorists", nothing to do with hijacked planes.

We're through the looking glass here, people!

Even stranger, this shocking new photo evidence also raises questions about George Bush's involvement. Of course, he may still be the puppeteer standing just out of camera-shot.

Google may try to silence me. After all, they're in with the NSA, who are taking orders from Balrog HUSSEIN Taxbongo and his masters in the CFR. Who are probably lizard people or reverse vampires. And thus are the real puppeteers.

Which is why I ask every one of you to please forward this shocking new photo evidence to everyone you know. Store it on foreign servers. Send a copy to Russia Today, the only true purveyors of truthy truth on the TV dial. Send them several copies. Don't leave out Max Keiser and Alex Jones.

This news has to get out.

Shocking new photo evidence of who was really behind the destruction of the World Trade Centre, after the break:

You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you "girl we couldn't get much newsier".

And here's the news:

Institute of N. S. Sherlock - gold got SLAMMED. SocGen says sell it to $1200. Why? Because no Syria war for the US means gold goes down. Because SocGen thinks India unleashes a flood of scrap now that gold is high in rupee terms, even though that would mean Indians going long rupee short gold, which would be a bonehead move considering the macro picture there. Because Asian premiums are down, even though Asian premiums going up was mocked as no real reason to be bullish gold. Frankly, the only reason SocGen gives that doesn't make me scream at the derp is that Americans are going to resume selling GLD. No argument there.

Ritholtz - is the market rallying on Syria or Summers? Here's his read:
The area is rife with rationalization, bad analyses and cognitive errors. I studiously try my best to avoid it as a form of commentary, and it certainly has no place in any investment thesis. It is more often just a revealing Rorschach Inkbot Test.
No disagreement from me!

FT beyond brics - will Rajan's reforms work? Here, let me quote some bits of it:
Consumer price inflation has remained sticky (9.6 per cent in July) on account of cost-push factors and from Rajan’s statements it follows that the RBI will keep interest rates high.

However, while consumer price inflation has remained high, manufactured goods inflation in the wholesale price index fell from 3.7 per cent in April to 2.8 per cent in July, while industrial production contracted by 2.2 per cent in June, implying that industry is facing a demand slowdown. Maintaining high interest rates in the face of cost-push inflation and industrial recession would be stagflationary.
A few of the governor’s announcements were genuine reforms, such as those on bank branches and licenses. The governor believes financial inclusion can be addressed by allowing banks to open more branches, and that greater competition will encourage banks to enter unbanked areas. So there should be no directive from the state to force banks to undertake inclusive banking. However, to date, banks have been reluctant to open branches in unbanked areas and have done so only on regulatory compulsion. Under the new approach, far from competition encouraging banks to enter commercially unviable areas, it is possible that consolidation in the sector will increase and financial inclusion will continue to be neglected.

Pretty good opinion piece in total. Of course, this author's opinion doesn't matter as long as the investment world maintains its woody for Rajan.

BI - RBI: dear citizens, can you please stop making garlands out of money? Hey, RBI, news flash for you: the money garlands are a symbolic substitution for gold. Would you rather have your populace go back to making all their necklaces out of gold? Hm?

FT beyond brics - rupee recovery: temporary reprieve? A Prasanna proves himself an idiot by suggesting this has to do with Syria and the Fed. Dude, unless the UST10 drops back to 2.5% yield or below, your country is still going to see foreign outflows. The bounce your rupee saw happened simply because the selloff got overdone - because forex traders are cokeheads. And the reduction in trade deficit only happened because the gold trade moved off-balance-sheet. So, yes, the reprieve is temporary only.

Reuters - Rajan says their growth problems are not structural. Huh? What? If he really said this, then he truly is clueless.

Reuters - Thompson Reuters GFMS says gold is doooooomed. Now please compare and contrast this with: - Thompson Reuters GFMS says gold to da moon Alice. Ain't it neat how perspective changes depending on the author?

So which would you like to believe? Fuck 'em both, and read the actual Thompson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey update.

I read through it all last night, and intend to go over it page by page on this blog in the next couple weeks: it counters all the bullshit lies about gold with real empirical data about the real world. So expect a torrent of posts on the Thompson Reuters GFMS report here, accompanied by large amounts of swearing, libel and pure abuse. - gold will sell off if the Fed tapers. Well, it's already selling off right now. I'm not going to argue the point. Americans certainly will liquidate long and sell short on the commodity exchanges; then what? Then the rest of the world will buy all the physical, and we'll be back to where we were a few months ago.

Mr. Frisby and the rats of NIMH - it's time to buy small-cap mining stocks! And then gold collapsed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This evening's ads, and an interesting observation about Google Chrome

OK, I was a bit annoyed at all the black box ads I was seeing on my page, so I shuffled things around a bit.

Now there's an ad coming up for the Centurion Apartment REIT. That's classy stuff!

Also, I now see an ad asking me to browse 10,000 single Asian women's profiles, with pictures of attractive Asian models in it. I'm also satisfied with that advertising.

Oh, and by the way: for some reason, they've installed Google Chrome across work. Well, isn't this interesting: the Blogger back-end quit working for Firefox a couple days ago, and Internet Exploder only works in html editing mode, but isn't it amazing that Blogger works perfectly in Google Chrome? I can edit articles in full mode and everything.

You don't think this looks suspicious at all, do you? Especially considering Adsense is screaming at me right now that my Internet Exploder is going to be unsupported come next month?

It's shaping up to be just like all over again.

Anyway, I'm off now to browse 10,000 single Asian women's profiles. Though I would prefer Ukrainian gymnasts seeking older men, or even maybe Colombian girls looking for a better life in America.

Since everyone else is inflicting their feelings on you about the 12th anniversary of 9/11....

Every other dickhead is blathering on about 9/11, so I may as well add my two cents.

So, 12 years ago, a few thousand people got killed in a terrorist attack.

Since then, the US has blown about $75 billion on the TSA, to ensure every American gets fondled by idiots making $12 an hour.

The US now also spends $60 billion each year on Homeland Security, to ensure Constable Cletus in Assrape Missouri can drive around in a fucking USAF surplus armored car while wearing fucking body armour.

And the US now monitors and stores every single bit of internet and cellular communication. No, not just to track terrorists; if it was just for targeted monitoring they wouldn't have built a giant new data centre in Utah that can store 300 billion gigabytes of data.

Oh, and of course the US and their willing puppet states spent $500 billion fucking around in Afghanistan, and a further $1.7 trillion in Iraq - the latter of which had nothing to do with 9/11, but then again American citizens' web surfing has nothing to do with 9/11 either, so let's include Iraq in total cost as well.

So 9/11 has quite obviously been a fantastic boon to the military, security and police sectors of the economy. It sucked for everyone else, both those who are now monitored 24/7 by the state security apparatus and those who got their bodies blown to bits in other countries.

But what do you expect? Who do you think runs this world, anyway?

And that's all I've got to say about that.

Daniela Cambone with a classic interview

Because I want to boost my blog's hits for the almighty dollar, but also because it's funny, here's a repeat of a Mickey Fulp & Brent Cook interview with Daniela Cambone from February 2012.

Re the band-aids, this was just after Mickey got bopped in the schnoz by Graham Harris for allegedly being the author of the IKN blog. I guess Cookie decided to wear a band-aid as well, for solidarity.

Then Daniela puts a band-aid on her own nose at the end, though why she didn't do the whole interview that way is beyond me.

I also don't understand why anyone wears a band-aid over the nose. I've had my nose broken several times (by real things like baseballs and walls, not sissy things like little flabby exploreco people's fists) and no blood ever comes from the bridge of the nose.

And of course there's the whole thing where the junior miners collapsed into a ball of shit right after this interview.

So, it's fun to go back and watch again, plus it's extra hits for my blog.

Testing 1 2 3

So it looks like the gold miners might have finished their plummet.

Apparently the lizard people from Bohemian Grove have exhausted the market's desire to sell; I'm watching Yamana Gold right now, and as one of the most heavily shorted miners it's actually behaving rather strong. That's not a stock that you're going to be able to drive further into the ground.

Is this finally the liberty and freedom we've been waiting for? Will Dr. Ron Paul be proven correct? Is this the last refueling of the black helicopters and the final vanquishing of the Anti-christ?

Wait and see!

Do ya think I'm newsy, just reach out and touch me, c'mon sugar let me know

Here's the news bits of the day, after a nice lunch of Guinness™ beer and ribs at Montana's™ while checking out the RSS feed on my Motorola™ Atrix™:

Ritholtz - deep thoughts. Good opinions.

Bonddad - the moderate expansion continues. No reason to worry except for the Republicans.

Michael Shaoul - Japan business confidence index. Are you tired of me saying what a fantastic recovery Japan is having? Cos how bored you are of the topic is a market indicator.

NYT Dealbook - market rebound in China. This week's dealbook from Bill Bishop.

Reuters - China set to shake world economy. I guess people are positive on China again.

FT beyond brics - the new Chinese consumer, nothing like the west. Partially because the new Chinese consumer buys gold.

IKN - Andy Home on copper's mating season. Blatant disregard of market fundamentals here, in favour of some other data.

Reuters - gold demand improves as jewellers begin filing orders. "'Jewellers are slowly stepping up purchases for the peak festive season. Buyers are very cautious as the rupee is now reversing the weak trend and quickly appreciating,' said a Mumbai-based dealer with a private bank."

Reuters - rupee up 5.8% in 5 sessions. Well, at least in means gold is cheaper for Indians now. I'm sure they're also thankful that dumbass Whitey dumped his gold position into thin bids on the overnight electronic exchange on talk of a Syria solution. That really helps.

Mineweb - Frank Holmes on gold's seasonal pattern. Whatever else you say about him, at least Holmes recognizes the importance of India. Unlike....

BI - Jeffrey Gundlach is such a clueless fucking clown that if he even had a brain, he'd just take it out and play with it in public. His theory is that gold prices run inverse to home prices. Really? Did you run a regression analysis on your data, Jeffy-boy? No? You're just looking at a chart? That's nice. How about if you now explain how US house prices have the slightest thing to do with gold, considering gold is bought by Indians and Chinese. Oh, you can't explain it? Then shut the fuck up Gundlach, you worthless globule of pustulent phlegm.

I find it hilarious that this post generates the "click here to view gay singles in your area" ad. I guess Rod Stewart ain't never gonna get respect.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some evening news

Some evening news for you.

Bespoke - US back in uptrend territory. Personally, knowing that the Fed bullshit and the debt ceiling bullshit are around the corner, I'm not expecting a good long run up from here. Then again, maybe everyone else feels this way too? I'd also like to point out that materials stocks are up, despite the PM miners still getting slaughtered.

Michael Shaoul - India August trade data. As he notes, the gold has just gone "off balance sheet" - i.e. smuggled. As for the rest of it, trade deficit is still about 30-40% higher than total exports; that means India really, really fucking sucks at exporting anything that anyone in the rest of the world wants.

FT - EM debt volumes highest since May. Flows should continue to be negative, I think; it's just that the market grossly oversold, thinking that the possibility of a Fed taper meant that the fucking EMs had to get sold off to zero instantly. Because the market is full of cokeheads.

Mineweb - drillers gettin' drilled. Companies like Boart Longyear and Major Drilling are getting slaughtered, since nobody has any money to drill anymore. Now, if you assume there is some sort of correlation between amount of drilling today, and amount of ore developable into mines 5-10 years from now, then there should be a major supply deficit coming, no?

der Spargel - fake dominatrix lures slaves for farm work. I don't get it; why were they complaining? Didn't they want to get treated like crap? Maybe she should have peed on them once in a while. Germans like getting peed on.

Question about gold and silver

OK, silver's supposed to go up as world industrial production increases, especially as it's an input to solar production.

And gold is supposed to go up as it's an asset that makes up part of EM wealth asset allocation.

But today both went down, ostensibly cos Russia did something nice to forestall a Syria invasion.

So the question is:

Should that be it for gold going down?

In other words, if you're an American crackhead trader who's gone long gold on Syria, did you close your long this morning?

Cos I'd like to buy a few gold miners back at now-discounted prices, but I don't think they've reached the pain level of selloff yet. And neither has gold.

So is there another reason idiot Americans were long gold that they are still hanging their hat on? What's the shoe left to drop?

Something to ponder.

Of course I could just stay out til I'm sure the selloff is complete and let someone else make the first 5-10% profit.

And now, the news


Bespoke - Nasdaq 100 breaks out. Thus I feel more positive about the US market than the SPY chart alone can justify. This Bespoke post includes a list of all the Nasdaq stocks you should have owned instead of shitty gold miners.

Bespoke - homebuilders break out of downward channel. Though I still suspect that the move we've already seen is about all we should get for a while. Still, there's probably been a childishly stupid selloff these past few months. I guess it'll resolve itself with the September Fed meeting.

WSJ - China exports up again in August. Everything's all of a sudden looking hopeful for the EMs, no? You think this will continue after the US finally does start raising rates? Cos that's going to happen: it's just that the EM selloff got far too ahead of itself, as is usual in markets run by cokeheads. - China and the Baltic Dry. It's a nearly meaningless index, but yes it's nice to know Capesize rates are moving up again finally.

Michael Shaoul - China IP, retail and fixed investment for August.

As we commented with China's trade data yesterday this should be enough to rebuild confidence for a period of time in the entire emerging market complex, but it may also add to pressure in international fixed income markets as another of the major global economic worries recedes for the time-being. We continue to believe that we are in the middle of a prolonged period of rising global interest rates.

Reuters - China premier calls for human focus to urbanization plan. Which means building new homes for the working class, instead of more palaces for the kleptocratic elite. Is it really going to be this easy?

Michael Shaoul - August China monetary and credit data. Note btw that Bill Bishop thinks there won't be another credit strangulation in the runup to the November Plenum - as obviously this would make them look bad.

Reuters - Why India's exports need more than a cheap rupee. Read it: more stories about how India continually fucks things up.

FT beyond brics - punishing India's love of gold won't yield results. Exactly.

Reuters - India Inc. to policymakers: shape up or we'll ship out. Yet again, more stories about how pathetic Indian business is. Thus the need for the BJP to win the next election.

Reuters - India August trade deficit narrows as exports rise. We'll see how long this continues; if it does, that's bullish for gold cos it means less stupid attacks by the government. Then again, if it falls apart it also is bullish for gold as it means long gold short rupee is back on.

Shit, I dunno. Pretty much anything out of India is bullish for gold. Must be something wrong with my reckonin'.

GDXJ and HUI charts preopen

GDXJ has about $5 to lose, or about 10%, to get down to the SMA(50). That's conveniently also the July pivot point.

Meanwhile the upward channel bottom is around $41.20. Maybe it gets that low?

$HUI conversely only has 2-3% to fall to hit its SMA(50). Does it instead drop to its lower Bollinger? Or even punch through it and go >-2SD?

The problem with $HUI is that there are already a lot of big short positions on the senior miners. You can see it's spent 7 days below its EMA(16), compared to GDXJ's 3 days below. So maybe $HUI's drop is already ahead of where it's supposed to be?

Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Morning collapse

Premarket, it's gold $1365 and silver $23.

I guess all the guys who bought gold on Syria are selling gold on Syria. Good riddance.

Do GDXJ and $HUI simply drop to the SMA(50), now? Or can they drop even farther? Before I call anything a buy point I want to make sure the collapse is done and over with; I don't trust my previous thesis on India now that Rajan is at work.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Signing up with Adsense

That PS Dave! He's made me all jealous with his $30/month earnings from Google!

So now I've decided to sign up to put ads on my blog.

If y'all don't like it, look at it this way: what sort of ads do you think are going to show up on my blog? Junior mining stuff? Ha! It's probably going to be rude t-shirts and gun ads.

As well, since apparently the ads are generated according to the words I use, you shall see a lot more varied vocabulary from me in the future. Words I plan to use regularly include:

- dildo
- sieg heil
- transgendered
- erectile dysfunction
- Mila Kunis
- rocket launcher
- asset allocation.

Cos I want my ads to be the hip-hoppingest best ads on the internet!

Like Dave's!

At what point do you buy homebuilders?

Look at these two charts:

At what point do you buy homebuilders?

I guess one idea would be to buy when they retake the SMA(50), which was former support. But do they retest?

OK, so I bought some XIV and HQU.TO. The US market is going to do well in September. I think the market has voted with its wallets.

2014 gold forecasts

Apparently Daniela Cambone had a birthday last week, so now she's another year older.

Other than that, I see she twittered a link to this Bloomberg filler article.

As I said, the article is the typical filler we've gotten used to, so you can skip it.

Glenys Sim and Nicholas Larkin wrote a typical potpourri article, the type you'd expect from recent journalism school grads with little understanding of a topic - with quotes from some Chinese gold buyer, some gold forecasts from idiotic investment houses, and a whole pile of worthless facts and figures. The funny bit is this quote here:

Danske Bank A/S, the most accurate gold forecaster tracked by Bloomberg over the past two years, raised its estimate for next year’s average to $1,138 from $938 on Aug. 20. Its fourth-quarter 2014 prediction of $1,100 is still 20 percent lower than prices today. Credit Suisse Group AG, Citigroup Inc., ABN Amro Group NV and Macquarie also anticipate declines.

Societe Generale SA and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., both of whom correctly predicted the rout that began in the second quarter, are also bearish. The French bank expects a 2014 average of $1,150 and New York-based Goldman says prices will retreat to $1,175 in 12 months.
Wow! These guys' predictions are always so accurate, aren't they? I mean, their targets are so darn close together that it must come to pass, no?

Despite the fact that there's insufficient tonnage of gold left in the ETFs to drive down the price for another year, and despite the fact that EM demand hasn't abated, and despite the fact that you can't mine gold at under $1200 anymore.

Yup! Let's hold Danske, SocGen and Goldman Ballsack to their predictions, no? In fact, I'd strongly suggest demanding that these people pick a fucking price target and be forced to stick to it til the time comes to pass.

Then there's this hilarious bit:

Gold slumped this year in part because of investors’ expectations the Federal Reserve will taper stimulus as the U.S. economy strengthens.
Really? That's why gold crashed in April, eh? Is it? When did this taper fear start, by the way? Do you remember? Did it happen after the gold bottom in June, do you think?

Cos I had thought gold slumped "in part because of" everyone in the USA selling their poorly-thought-out GLD positions when they realized the S&P 500 had just hit an all-time high, and therefore there wasn't going to be any idiotic hyperinflation.

And I've also been hearing now that the rise in the UST yields is driving gold buying because rising UST yields mean inflation, or something.

So, Glenys Sim and Nicholas Larkin, next time I'd greatly appreciate it if you wrote an article that stuck to facts, and cut out all the bullshit that you're ctrl-c-ctrl-v-ing from the Bloomberg Book of Whatever Bullshit We're Saying About Gold Today.

The US market

So the S&P is toying with whether to break above its SMA(50).

And $VIX is wondering whether to break below the EMA.

But the R2K has already broken above the SMA(50).

And the Nasdaq has in fact broken out to a new high.

Is the panic over?

Brodrick's real blog and some charts therefrom

I stumbled across what seems to be Sean Brodrick's real blog, and saw him posting things about the Solar ETF.

I'd actually just stumbled across that chart myself before finding his blog, and was impressed at how it looks:

What's better, here's the weekly showing how much upside might be left:

It's as if solar investors have actually suffered a fate worse than junior mining investors! Amazing, no?

Now, I'd also thought "gee, what idiot would possibly want to buy solars - doesn't the whole world by now know that they suck?" But then again, maybe they don't suck. And maybe the right time to buy is when you get the feeling it makes no fucking sense to buy them.

Then again, that big Feb 2012 pivot being approached might be cause for concern.

Anyway, here are two examples of how destroyed the whole scene was, and how far it's come back:

That's a couple 500% wins for the people who bought in November 2012. Whoever they were. I'm not one of them.

I'm not impressed as of yet, since I'd want to check out multiples, see exactly how much multiple growth is getting baked in, and then look at actual growth projections.

I also vaguely remember something about Renesola having been a major scam stock that got caught up in an insane bubble about three years back. Then again, maybe that means it's got a lower base to start from?

Now, Brodrick also mentions XOP, and that's another freaky-deaky chart:

That's one gigantic pennant there, on declining volume which might be a good thing since it means there's fewer and fewer shares to buy below $64 - and more people wanting to buy them, as evidenced by all the higher lows.

Why the hell should oil & gas explorers explode higher from here, though? What is this chart suggesting?

Anyway, those are some charts to think about. Maybe now I'll go listen to Brodrick talk about stuff.

Some morning news

Here's the morning news that the globalist kleptocratic plutocracy doesn't want you to read!

Bespoke - more bears than bulls. Probably because they're scared of the Republican Taliban destroying America, or maybe even scared of an impulsive sell-off on whatever blah blah Syria. Frankly I'm itching to buy. But I might wait til there's clarity on the interest rate thingie.

FT Alphaville - charting federal, state & local jobs. So if you're listening to some right-wing fuckhead complaining about the US jobs situation, ask him why he's throwing everyone out of work! That's the problem with "drowning government in the bathtub" - sometimes people get hurt. By fuckheads.

Morgan Stanley via Granita & Brioche - Italy re-entering a volatile political phase. Decent background reading for those wishing to go long Italy.

FT Alphaville - China's "unbalanced" growth compared with Japan and South Korea. Interesting point - China is pretty much following the Japanese/Korean growth trajectory. Then again, they've lost a fortune to corruption and still have some severe productivity problems that have to be addressed... by the November plenum, perhaps?

FT beyond brics - Groupon reacts to India's onion shortage. Here's the kicker: “As for onions, the government is even considering easing an import ban.” Are you shitting me?!? An import ban on fucking onions for fuck's sake?!?

Some charts, and a hello to the Nazi plutocratic elite who are trying to shut me up

Today Blogger isn't allowing me to post from Firefox; it's saying I've already logged out when, if I check my Google Finance sessions, I'm quite obviously already logged in.

So it's apparent that the Nazi plutocratic elite is trying to shut me up. Probably via NSA backdoors used to control the Googleplex. Obviously because they don't want you to hear the real truth! But the fuckers can't stop me posting from Internet Exploder just yet. If they do, then I'll just download Seamonkey or Opera and post from there.

Because the news I bring is too important for you to miss!

Now here are some charts:

$HUI is hanging below its short-term EMA; this makes me wonder if there's a breakdown about to come.

Then again, there's a news story I stumbled across that said there's been a massive buildup of shorts in the senior miners, even for good companies like Yamana; maybe the late-August dive was the shorting, and now there's a lot of downward pressure already built into the price?

Well, if so, then I guess a signal that would confirm this would be $HUI popping right back up. Floating cork and so on.

GDXJ is still noncommittal - it's not truly broken below the EMA yet. And MACD is threatening to turn up, even. That's why I'm sitting on the fence.

Also, gold miners depend on the gold price, and the goldd price depends on (as far as I'm concerned) long gold short rupee right now. So as long as Raghuram Rajan is bringing hope to India, I'm worried about going long gold via miners.

Anyway, now here's Spain:

The chart looks too Japanny for me. Then again, here's the weekly:

And you can see all it did on the weekly was drop down to touch the Bollinger and test a previous pivot point, then start moving back up. So is Spain the place to put your money?

A word of warning about buying Santa Barbara Resources

In case you were going to chase SBL on word of drills soon turning, a word of warning: there's very little available on the asks at this moment. 99,000 shows up right now at 6.5 cents, and while it looks like there are a few people happy to put up new asks at that price, the next price point is all the way up at 9 cents - and from there it gets thin.

So if you were to want to buy it, you have to use a limit order. Otherwise you'll be paying far too much. Which is fine by me.

But it's more sensible to just put a bid in and wait for a fill.