Monday, December 30, 2013

The most embarrassing video of 2013: Metallica and Ray Davies not dying in a hail of gunfire

God, this is horrible.

Let's go over the reasons why this is horrible!

1. Metallica;
2. Metallica;
3. Hatfield doesn't even pronounce "Davies" properly;
4. Ray Davies stoops to share a stage with these has-beens;
5. Metallica;
6. I guess the irony's lost on Metallica that the last metal band to cover this song was Van Halen, and Metallica's version sucks more than Van Halen's version, yet once upon a time Metallica considered themselves a more serious and heavy band than Van Halen;
7. I can't stop repeating, Metallica;
8. the guy who originally played the guitar on this song, oh and who parenthetically invented the fucking guitar riff, thus inventing rock music, THUS GIVING METALLICA A CAREER PATH THAT DIDN'T INVOLVE DOING OIL CHANGES OR DEEP-FRYING CHICKEN, isn't on stage because Ray doesn't like that his brother's a poofter or something;
9. Oh and Metallica.


  1. Ray looks a bit like Count Dracula from that movie with Gary Oldman. And yeah it sucks but probably not as bad as, say, "Art Lover."

    1. Which is actually a song about a guy who never gets to see his own daughter.

      Okay the song's not great, but it's Ray being Ray. And it's on an otherwise fantastic comeback album, and it's from the guy who also wrote "You Really Got Me", "All Day and All of the Night", "Superman", "Lola", "20th Century Man", and a whole load of either rock or social commentary.

      So I'm willing to give him a pass for one hell of a lot of mistakes. This Metallica thing though is about where I draw the line.

    2. I remember a sappy t.v. performance of that song years ago and Chryssie Hynde was involved somehow. I got ill. Maybe if Metallica performed it....

    3. Yeah, they were temporarily married. I seem to recall Chrissie Hynde not having good things to say about the experience.

    4. He should have married Chryssie Schaoul instead.

  2. "Come Dancing" would have been better. The crowd looked confused.

  3. Saw Metallica back in April in Abu Dhabi. They did a great show with an amazing old-school set. Everyone was impressed they didn't take a single break (if I recall correctly). I was glad they didn't play more than 2-3 of their newer stuff ('95 onwards)... but to repeat they were awesome and well worth the money.