Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Ritholtz - A/D line says no top yet. Here, here's some technical analysis for you:

So if you're a "TA" are you're calling for an imminent top in the S&P, I guess it's because you're letting right-wing propaganda from ZeroHedge and Max Keiser take precedence over the cold hard facts.

Jim O'Neill - world growth is accelerating. Harken to the words of Mr. Manchester:
Current pessimism about the world economy is overdone. The world’s three biggest economies -- the U.S., China and Japan -- are all in decent shape. Barring a major new deterioration in Europe and unforeseen calamities in the rest of the developing world, a moderate acceleration of global growth looks likely. 
Or, of course, you could listen to some guy with a blog somewhere, who spent the last five years telling you not to invest in the S&P 500 because gold Ron Paul fiat Weimar fractional reserve banking Helicopter Ben.

Reuters - BJP wins state polls. They won't accomplish much in the south and east, but it still looks good for next May's election. Which should be good for gold. Anyone else give you a better reason for why gold went up a bit today?

The Gold Report - interview with Dudley Baker on warrants. Frankly there's very little available to play in the warrants space for when the GDXJ tide turns: he mentions Sandstorm, New Gold, and a new issue from Alamos. But it's something to think about when you finally decide it's safe to get back into the water.

Mining.com - Kitco versus Revenue Quebec. Oh dear....

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  1. Shaoul on Bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/video/investing-will-be-trickier-in-2014-shaoul-bShD_M9oRKWbVs7lL~uSOA.html