Friday, December 13, 2013

Some Friday noonreading

Here's some stuff and junk:

BI - the case for a December taper. Which is a good thing because it means the extreme measures to support the economy can now end.

Financial Post - US economy in 2014 has more upside than many think. Geez Dave, if only you'd been bullish in 2009 instead of staying wrong for four years. Here's a quote:
But things actually are getting better. The Institute for Supply Management figures rarely lie and they are consistent with 3.5% real growth. Federal fiscal policy is set to shift to neutral from radical restraint and the broad state/local government sector is no longer shedding jobs and is, in fact, spending on infrastructure programs again.
So basically, Dave, your ability to understand the markets gets better when you quit shooting off your own idiot mouth and just quote what Bill McBride has been saying, for free, at Calculated Risk for the past fucking year, right? So you're admitting you have no clue and Bill McBride is smarter than you, right?

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - US stocks cheap by 12 of 15 valuation measures. But no, you go ahead and keep listening to clowns like Tom McLellan.

BI - China 2014 growth target fears. The argument now is that everyone's puking China cos they think the government's growth target is going to be revised down to 7% from 7.5%.

And here's a funny pic for you:

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