Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some evening reads

Some evening reads, with pictures this time:

Calculated Risk - comments on Q3 GDP.

Reuters Data Dive
- US Q3 GDP. They point out most of the 3.6% came on inventory buildup. Then again, what's supposed to happen once the interest rate curve steepens? I assume people are supposed to start buying that inventory.

Ritholtz - how common are double-digit equity gains? As a matter of fact, if the market ends the year up, it's most often up by double digits. Here! Here's a picture:

Reuters Data Dive - four charts from the most important jobs report you don't follow.

der Spargel - Africa's digital revolution. It gives them a heck of a leg up to not have to lay millions of km of cable. Now all they need is a hyper-local electricity generation system.

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