Friday, December 27, 2013

Reviewing the new Miley Cyrus video for her hit single "In Case You Didn't Watch Me Masturbate In My Last Video"

Here's that new Miley Cyrus video for "Adore", where she's in bed in her underwear masturbating:

What's shocking is that at 3 minutes, she suddenly switches to being in a lace bodysuit in a bathtub, singing about "God" and "holy matrimony". And masturbating. Yes, I watched this with the volume up, and no, you're not missing anything if you keep the speakers turned off.

Anyway, thankfully, she goes back to more masturbating 30 seconds later. Oh, and sucking her finger is a nice touch.

The verdict? I can fap to this. Though I'd rather watch a video of Lexi Belle masturbating. Or singing.

But do keep shooting softcore porn for us perverted old men, Miley! It's a positive contribution to the world.

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