Sunday, December 22, 2013

OMG. Jeff Berwick on Bitcoin.

Yes, Jeff Berwick has an opinion about Bitcoin, and he talks about it on ...drum roll... Fox Business.

He thinks it has the potential to go to a million dollars.

Partially because the US dollar is going to collapse.

Oh and Galt's Gulch Chile accepts Bitcoin in return for land in Chile.

And so on.

So if you're going to VRIC 2014, we already know you're not going for the junior PM miner action; why not have a chat with Jeff Berwick about Bitcoins?

If I remember correctly, he can also hook you up with a Belizean passport.

Look for a guy valiantly fighting off a horde of Statist thugs. That's him.


  1. Ah yes, there are 5.5Bn oz of mined gold in the world and there are $60Trillion equivalent in world fiat currencies, so that puts gold at $10,900/oz. Can't see a flaw there, either.