Thursday, December 5, 2013

Interesting thing about India

Reuters India Insight - India's political parties pump up the radio volume. Hm! There's a new political party in India, and this might be cause for an interesting election in 2013. The assholes at Reuters attached a nasty "no-copying" note to their article, so instead I'll direct you to the Wikipedia article on the Aam Aadmi Party:
The AAP believe that the promise of equality and justice that forms a part of the constitution of India and its preamble has not been fulfilled and that the independence of India has replaced enslavement to an oppressive foreign power with that to a political elite. The party claims that the common people of India remain unheard and unseen except when it suits the politicians to consider them. It wants to reverse the way that the accountability of government operates and has taken an interpretation of the Gandhian concept of swaraj as a tenet. It believes that through swaraj the government will be directly accountable to the people instead of higher officials. The swaraj model lays stress on self governance, community building and decentralisation.
I've got no disagreement with the "enslavement to the political elite" and "common people remain unheard and unseen except when it suits the politicians". That's pretty much how it is for any poor people anywhere.

Here's some more background:

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