Monday, December 2, 2013

Here, Mr. Pope, let me help you out with this Glassman fellow from JP Morgan.

BI - JP Morgan economist responds to Pope. Essentially, James Glassman responds with the same trickle-down platitudes that His Holiness The Pope already identified as the font of poverty and inequity.

Pope's got better things to do than to respond to an insect from JP Morgan, so let me stand in for the Pope here:
Those concerned about global poverty have more to be thankful today than to complain about.
Yes, except Christ doesn't allow anyone to rest on their laurels and say "well, we've done enough for now." People are commanded to continue complaining (and actively fighting) until justice reigns.

While the [P]ope’s comments are excellent cause for reflection, they should not obscure the reality that innovative free enterprise is the greatest wealth generator ever discovered and the economic system most supportive of human freedom and flourishing.
Generating wealth means nothing if that wealth is all going to the ultra-rich, who hide their money in untaxable offshore accounts with the help of agents at JP Morgan and the rest of the banking system to ensure that they never have to contribute to improving the well-being of those less fortunate.

And "supportive of human freedom"? Aside from crushing the poor, how else is JP Morgan and the kleptocratic elite supporting human freedom? Are you campaigning against the constant erosion of rights by States who are attempting to maximize surveillance and control of their populations?

Poverty is not a modern phenomenon.
Sure, neither is evil. But saying "poverty is okay because a discredited economic principle will take care of it, eventually, maybe, we hope" is a modern phenomenon.

Those hurt by the recession will be restored as the developed economies continue to recover.
Which is cold comfort when you've spent five years unemployed with no money coming in. You're basically saying "well, as long as the poor can survive the long interim, eventually they might see things get better." How did your rich buddies at JP Morgan spend the past five years helping the millions of people that your own crass speculation put out of work?

Technological innovation often is portrayed as a destroyer of jobs rather than a creator of new economic frontiers.
You're being quite disingenuous here: you obviously wrote this sentence in an attempt to portray the Pope as a Luddite. He's not a Luddite, he's a disciple of Christ. So your following paragraphs are addressing a straw man.

The widening distribution of income in the US and other developed economies is attracting considerable attention. It would be unsettling, and destabilizing, if the global “economic pie” were static and one group were benefiting at the expense of others. Instead, what likely is driving the distribution of income is the wealth of opportunity that is associated with an expanding global “economic pie” and that because it is occurring at an eye-popping pace has uneven benefits.
One group is indeed benefiting at the expense of others - very literally in the US, where your criminality managed to screw the US out of several trillion dollars while destroying people's wealth and tossing them out on the street. Workers still haven't seen a real increase in income in decades, your lackeys in the Republican Party are destroying workers' ability to form unions, and you're constantly clamouring for the social safety net to be dismantled in the name of Ayn Rand.

I'm sure a Jesuit isn't allowed to call you a Fascist cunt, James Glassman, but he'd probably allow me to do it for him.

So, James Glassman, you are indeed a Fascist cunt. And Jesus hates you.

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