Tuesday, December 24, 2013

For some reason, there's now a Kevin Spencer blog

So I was poking through the stats and saw that all of a sudden people took interest in my post about the Kevin Spencer TV show. Apparently some bulletin board people somewhere discovered the show and were blown away by its hilarity, as well as the fact you can find all the episodes on YouTube.

And also by this pdf of a complaint sent to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council or whatever, which accurately sums up the TV show in whiny complainer form.

So one of the guys there has started up his own blog, where he's going to be reviewing every single episode of Kevin Spencer, a couple a week, starting December 31, 2013.

Now, my blog maybe only has 6 readers, plus Josh Brown and Joey the Weasel; but most of my readers are sick fucks to begin with, so they'll probably find the following link useful.

The Kevin Spencer Episode Guide

Actually, it even gives me an idea of something to do over the vacation that can sensibly involve drinking the large amounts of alcohol that I just purchased! What a great idea for a holiday!

The only difficulty is putting the episodes in viewing order.

Here's the series premiere, btw:

PS, to you guys from nohomers.net, who I'm sure will show up here: I used to watch Kevin Spencer every week. It's what turned me off South Park. The show was brilliant. It's just there's not enough sick bastards like me in Canada to keep it on the air past eight seasons.

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