Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog stats fun: Vanessa Collette edition

Daniela officially has competition:

And if you remember, I was the one who identified the start of this trend months ago.

Personally I think Vanessa Collette does a fantastic job of keeping a sweet smile on a straight face while insane right-wing goldbug freaks blather on self-importantly about their pet conspiracy theories and utter lack of economics knowledge.


Here's that David Morgan blathering on about how Janet Yellen is the Anti-Christ and silver's going to $100, and yet Vanessa's ineffable sweetness keeps us from clawing our own eyes out.

BTW, David Morgan's website was where you could find David Bond's promotion of Liberty Silver. So you can be certain that Morgan has perfect judgment in all things silver.

Here's Jeff Berwick claiming "Bitcoin could go to infinity million dollars", and yet stalwart Vanessa keeps our brains from melting into a puddle of Statist goo by rocking out in this cute dress & jacket combo.

Oh, and it looks like she's wearing a ring, so there's the answer to your question. Her dude is probably a handsome rich Hollywood actor and brain surgeon. Or something. Which you're not.

By the way: is it just me, or is Jeff Berwick looking more and more like John McAfee as he gets older?

And here's Vanessa listening to Bill Murphy's theories about gold manipulation, and yet the only thing going through my mind is "damn, she looks even cuter with straight hair! My god, is there anything Vanessa Collette can't do?"

Meanwhile all Daniela does nowadays is talk to sane, boring people like Peter Hug.

No wonder, then, that the goldbuggosphere is calling out for a new queen.


  1. "...is Jeff Berwick looking more and more like John McAfee as he gets older?"

    That's a win.

    1. Check the boxes: Internet pioneer, rich, Belizean passport, libertarian, anti-Statist.

    2. He only reaches McAfee status when he shows up at PDAC with these two guys.


      The ultimate in personal protection.

  2. Junior mining needs more of her and less of the guys she sits there smiling at.

  3. Jeff looks like he just hit the bong in that picture