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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Another post with utterly random stock market charts

Let's kill some time looking at some US market charts.

Ford apparently sold the most F-series trucks since 2004, and yet it's down hard. Was this increase in sales baked into the price back in June? Or are people just selling in a pre-Fed snit again?

Small-caps are back at their short-term EMA. Any drop below this and we're threatening an actual correction instead of an overbought pullback, I guess.

Regional banking: consolidating a breakout, or pulling back on threat of... what, a Fed rate rise? That's not supposed to happen for months to come. Or is KRE supposed to go up when rates rise, since a rate rise means higher profit margin on the spread?

Or, again, is it just a pre-Fed snit selloff?

Yet the semiconductors are still breaking upwards.

And $VIX as of 9:59AM is still over 2SD up. Why are people in such a hurry to buy downside protection?

It all looks snitty to me.

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