Thursday, November 21, 2013

When someone searches for "Mila Kunis lingerie", are they looking for investment advice?

So someone searched my blog today for "Mila Kunis lingerie". They were probably looking for investment advice, since Mila Kunis went long the market when all the goldbugs and doubters were calling for imminent hyperinflationary armageddon.

Mila has since made a fortune and the idiot goldbugs and doomers are slowly bleeding the remaining few pennies from their investment accounts.

So, here you go:

Egotastic - Mila Kunis birthday hotness gallery.

You'll find pictures like this:

Much, much sexier than Peter Schiff. Also wealthier and a better investor.

Unfortunately, now that she's 30, she's officially too old for me. But at least I can still read her articles for investment advice.

As for the doubters, let's remind ourselves what they were saying just this March:

WSJ - five reasons Mila Kunis shouldn't be buying now.

Zev Capital - Mila Kunis is a hilarious contrary indicator.

In fact, there were at least a few hundred asshats on twitter and the blogosphere who said it was a top.

How's that top indicator working out now, assholes? Turns out Mila Kunis is smarter than your entire holy fucking blogosphere, eh? And sexier and wealthier and more famous.

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