Monday, November 11, 2013

Three bits of morning reading from FT

Some morning reading from beyond brics:

FT beyond brics - China's Singles Day sales breaks records for online shopping. Relevant to Jim O'Neill's thesis about "new China versus old China"; the internet should become a very big thing in this country, you'd think.

FT beyond brics - showing off in the virtual world. A fun little background story about what goes on in the internet in China.

FT beyond brics - Crisil breaks down India's prosperity state by state. The details are interesting: there are still very, very few households in India that have a computer, motor vehicle, TV and phone. It's interesting to me because Indian politicians, media and economists think that these are the only households that exist. It's a big blind spot. Here's a Times of India article that goes into more detail, with fucking pop-up ads.

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