Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The American Ladder Institute. It really is a thing.

There really is a thing called the American Ladder Institute.

Their safety training program meets OHSA requirements.

Even better, they seem to run laddersafety.org, which has "practical and accessible information for all ladder users".

My god, safety training is mind-numbingly dumb. But I guess that's what happens when your company doesn't care about your safety as much as it cares about covering its own ass.

E.g. I just found out that I need a fall arrest system if I am within 3m of a <6:1 slope. Which is basically everywhere I work.


  1. The whole PM market needs a fall arrest system but will it work on a 9:1 slope that most miners seem to be tunbling down?

  2. And then there is this forklift training short:

    Poor Klaus