Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday news: spot the goldbug articles.

A veritable pot of pourri tonight:

Chronicles of Brodrick - invest like a pirate. It sounds like a good idea in the headline - buy a bunch of guns, get together a big gang, go looting the rich and robbing banks, then spend your ill-gotten gains on booze and whores in Trinidad. But instead, Sean talks about sissy shit like marketing and management. Dude, do you even know what pirates are?

Bullion Bulls Canada - in which Jeff Nielson, banned from GATA for anti-Semitism, chalks it up to (ahem) you guessed it, a worldwide conspiracy of a certain banking family known for their Jewish heritage. Dude, the Rothschilds have been a target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists for two centuries. If you don't want to be labelled a Nazi, then quit talking like one. And no, the Rothschild family isn't after you; you're a fucking insect with a blog. You're really not that important. - Russian nails own testicles to ground in front of horrified tourists. It's like I always say: don't do business with Russian performance artists.

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