Monday, November 11, 2013

Some noontime newsiness

Some noontime reading:

Calculated Risk - state and local austerity is over. State and local used to be a headwind; now it's a tailwind. How hard is it for you to do the math on this?

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - don't fight the global Fed! Hey wait! You mean "money printing" is going on in other countries too? Well, I guess it's not important because America is the only real country.

Bonddad - the oil choke collar continues to disengage. Again, how hard is it for you to do the math? I mean, it must be hard, since everyone is still so bearish the SPY.

Bloomberg - hedge funds cut gold bets on stimulus outlook. Because gold has nothing to do with any country except the USA, who don't actually buy any gold except in ETF form.

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