Sunday, November 3, 2013

Massive changes with Korelin since last I bothered to look

Check this out:

Korelin - John Kaiser with some comments on gold price.

Not only that, Kaiser's been on Korelin's podcasts a lot recently.

Does this mean Korelin's realized that the right-wing, Tea Party, theocratic narrative of the goldbugs is so fantasy-based that anyone who tries to invest based on it will simply lose his shirt? I mean, Kaiser's all about empiricism, and Great Thinkers like Rick Rule (well... Rick Rule anyway) have called Kaiser a stinkin' leftist. Is Korelin now swinging to the stinkin' left?

No, not really; he still interviews permaloser clowns like Faber, Casey, and Mauldin.

So maybe it's just Korelin's attempt to bring new people to his blog after the carnage of the past two years.

But it's nice to see him let Kaiser put the boots to the clowns from the Republican party on his podcast.

By the way, Al: the reason your few remaining readers are now interested in "quality" miners is because you were one of the many pundits getting them into shitty miners.

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