Monday, November 18, 2013

Cookie Monster on hard rock

Kitco - Brent Cook on cores and assays.

An educational article from Cookie, on what rock looks like when drilled and all the (politely speaking) data input deficiencies that can compound to negatively impact a resource estimate, a mine plan, and ultimately pretty much everything.

My opinion?

It seems to me, after reading this article, that investors who rely on news releases are at a bit of a disadvantage. After all, it's rare enough to even see a drill NR that provides elevation, azimuth and dip for each hole; what are the chances that any junior is ever going to provide any information about friability, core recovery percentages, constituent rock composition percentages, or nuggetiness?

So I guess from now on we should all leave the drill plays to geologists who can fly cross-country to accept an invitation to visually inspect cores.

If there's not enough jet-setting geologists out there to soak up all the Venture exchange's paper, then perhaps core reports need to provide significantly more data.

Stick that in your pipe, reader from the Ontario Securities Commission!

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