Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And in case you think nobody pays attention as we complain about the fraud and corruption in the TSX....

In case you thought nobody really knows about Liberty Silver, that the government monolith continues on with maximum inertia, and the exchanges are unaware of the petty penny-ante diddles going on in back rooms that give them a bad name....

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The TSX read the article. Hey TSX, wanna post anonymously in the comments section to tell us whose name was used to sign off on a big-board listing for LSL? We want an actual name.

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Ned Goodman, owner of the Nex, read the article too. Hey Ned, are you going to limit corruption in your 3rd-tier exchange? Wanna tell us all how? Will you do it by blah blah capitalism blah blah deregulation, perhaps?

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And these are the scary guys: GTIS. Don't fuck with them. This is Canada's 007s, license to kill and all.

So, I guess we can conclude that nobody actually gives a shit about LSL, they've read it all and given nothing but a yawn, and we can carry on just putting money into the SPY ETF cos there's no fucking reason to put your money into any stock that's part of the corrupt and fraudulent Canadian exchanges.