Friday, November 15, 2013

Alix Resources and the Bitcoin thing

PS Dave - Alix does the VSE old school! Some shitty microcap lifestyle company has decided to do bitcoins instead of gold.

FP - Canadian "miner" (ha ha!) to pay contractor in Bitcoins. Because why pay dollars for shitty gold intercepts when you can pay bitcoins for shitty tungsten intercepts? I assume they must be shitty, since AIX had a $1.5M market cap before they came out with this bitcoin nonsense.

Northern Miner - Alix Resources to set up bitcoin exchange to support their extravagant lifestyles. Because the drill-pump-PP cycle takes too much work.

By the way, here's a warning for you. When they track down the guy behind Cryptolocker (my bet is he's the same guy from Rajasthan who's also behind the "Microsoft customer service" fraud), expect Bitcoin to crash. It's only going up right now because hundreds of thousands of people have to buy bitcoins to pay this scammer off. Once he's busted, bitcoin demand collapses.

That's my bet, anyway.

But I'd really like it if the rest of the crappy pennycrapper explorecos would emulate Alix. Truly I would. After all, it's easy money, you don't have to waste a penny drilling anything, and bitcoin is already all the rage among the goldbug set so it's instant popularity.

And most importantly it'll help the rest of us differentiate the fraudulent lifestyle companies from the people who are actually professional geologists looking for real deposits.

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