Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Scott Gibson interviews from a while ago

So this Scott Gibson guy interviewed a bunch of people back in August or September about junior gold, and I only just came across the videos now.

Here's Eric Coffin:

At 3:50, notice how he entirely recaps all the gold opinions on my blog.

He also talks about the new rollback scheme and the end of the penny financing.

And here's Gibson with John Kaiser, with his own opinion about gold which I also sort of agree with:

Except then, weirdly, he starts talking about how the thinks the bullion banks are short physical and unable to cover.

Johnny! That there's ZeroHedge talk!

Seriously... bullion banks are short physical because they are bullion banks. They need to hedge downward moves in their gold inventory.

Anyway, at about 4:10 the brain virus goes away and he also starts agreeing with me.


  1. A Daniela sighting.
    Does this mean she's gone to the dark side?

    1. Says she still works for Kitco.

      Just happens she's interviewed yet another doomer clown with opinions, and Sinclair thought it was important to mention it.