Friday, October 25, 2013

Some evening reading

Calculated Risk - ATA trucking index up sharply in September. So the US hasn't peaked.

Calculated Risk - stronger vehicle sales in October despite government shutdown. So the US hasn't peaked.

Michael Shaoul - Japan September CPI. He seems to think price inflation is all that's needed to make Japan turn the corner... I don't get it.

IKN - why veterans and "key players" such as Frank Giustra, Randall Oliphant, Frank Holmes and Paul Reynolds are now saying they're bullish on gold and resource stocks. Here, I'll help you solve it:
1) They want to sell them to you, stupid.  
2) They've bought all they can and now want your money to push them higher before they sell to somebody even more stupid than you are. 
3) They're being totally open and honest about their financial viewpoints for the first time since they entered into the capital markets arena. And if you believe this one then you're really stupid.
4) The CEOs and chairs, via their paid-for whore newsletter writers and brokerage captains, need OPM and are looking to run placements in their own companies soon.
They need other peoples' money.

Or, maybe among the more honest, they realize they'd go out of business if they suddenly switched their newsletter coverage into something broader than gold stocks. Cos you can't make money in the broad equity markets while parroting Tea Party garbage.

1 comment:

  1. Giustra doesn't need the mining industry unless it is to off the paper his Radcliffe Foundation has.

    I am sure there is little upside in the mining business to bring him back into the fold.

    Can't speak for the other dudes though.