Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sandstorm and Franco charts

Check out Sandstorm:

Check out Franco Nevada:

Your average gold miner, to me, represents the market's short-term attitude towards the price of gold, while these two streamers to me represent the longer-term attitude towards gold.

As in, say, something like Yamana probably is more of a 2-year call option on gold, while FNV or SAND is more like a 5-year call.

SAND's chart is looking very positive (so it's good that there was never any liquidity in their A warrants for me to dump into, I've still got them) but FNV's almost looks like it's about to break out.

SAND right now is threatening to break above it's daily SMA(50), while FNV is threatening its weekly SMA(50) which is even better.

I dunno, this is starting to get too hard to ignore.

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