Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PDAC 2014 - investors' exchange exhibit space

PDAC, seeing the writing on the wall, is spamming everyone who's ever gone there even as a dumbass newsletter follower, selling their exhibit spaces.

I was thinking, perhaps I should start up a gold exploreco?

I'll call it "Let Me Punch You in the Balls."

Then I can have a booth at PDAC where I spend all day punching people in the balls.

I'll try and get a spot right next to Sprott. Maybe Rick Rule will pop by.

If my arms tire from all the balls-punching (my off hand is a bit weak right now but that's easy enough to develop), I can knee people in the balls instead.

Of course they'll complain that it wasn't a proper punch.

"You promised me a punch in the balls! What the hell was that?"

Then I can respond with "Actual results may vary materially from those described in forward-looking statements or information."

What do you think? How much should I tap the capital markets on my first go?


  1. Will they rent a booth to "Fuck You Explorations, LTD" ?

  2. I once proposed to name a new gold exploreco "Golden Fleece".

  3. Wouldn't you have a larger initial subscription if you reversed the order?

    1. Goldbugs pay to get punched in the balls. I'll give them a free sample upfront so they can compare me to the rest of their portfolio.

  4. How about a booth for No Gold Inc. Symbol NO.v. You can't say No Gold was lying!